Game Tech is an intense, focused event for the top developers and technical directors in the game industry. Small by design, the GameTech program is designed by respected industry veterans Jonathan Blow and Jeff Lander, with help from co-founder Chris Hecker, to tackle the challenges of shipping technically innovative games on next-generation platforms. The program brings together the top researchers and developers to provide technical information unmatched in its depth, clarity, and focus and cultivate a uniquely rigorous yet collegial environment.

The 2004 Game Tech seminars are now complete. Thanks to everyone who attended and participated.

We are in the process of planning out the next set of Game Tech seminars. Sign up for our mailist to receive an email as the details are announced.

To view the session material and listen to audio from Game Tech 2004, visit the Game Tech Talk link.


Game Tech Talk

Look here for Audio Clips and Material from the conference as well as related material.

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