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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a new conference?
Not really. In 1999, Jeff Lander and Chris Hecker chaired the Hard Core Technical Seminars, produced by Miller Freeman, Inc. The event was very successful, but Jeff and Chris decided to do it the next year without Miller Freeman, and couldn't use the name again, so they called it the Game Technology Seminars. Game Tech is based on both the previous seminars, though the Game Tech Leadership Summit is a new idea. The people involved are mostly the same: Chris remains as an advisor, Jeff continues as program chair, and Jonathan Blow joins as the new co-chair.

What is included in the registration costs?
The registration fee includes all classes, program materials, breakfast, lunch and snacks, and some fun freebies.

I'd like to attend but I can't afford the registration fee.
We recognize that the registration fees may not fit everyone's budget, and we offer a limited number of scholarships for qualified individuals.

Are press invited to Game Tech?
The material presented at Game Tech is highly technical and not appropriate for members of the press. We do not issue press badges for the seminar.






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