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Game Tech evolved from two previous events chaired by Chris Hecker and Jeff Lander: the Game Technology Seminars in 2001 and the Hard Core Technical Seminars in 1999.

Here's what attendees at the previous events had to say about them:

"Amazingly high quality speakers. It is unusual to have so many experts doing tutorials in a single conference."

"The level of content, depth and intensity is far superior to other conferences. "

"No bullshit, like people trying to hide the faults in their methods."

"Wide breadth of detailed information, with little fluff."

"Incredible amount of info in a short time."

"Open discussions on topics that never get covered in other forums."

"All high-quality presenters and serious attendees. Provided for excellent interaction and discussions. "

"The content is presented assuming that the audience already knows something about the topic. This is excellent."

"There was a lot of good information from well respected speakers."

"Very detailed technical info."

"It gives us the time to look at something in depth. Some of the top minds in the field showed up, which was awesome!"

"Good peer interactions. Talks well timed."





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