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Creating Believable Characters Seminar
November 30 – December 1

Christophe Hery - Rendering MP3

Tae-Yong Kim - Hair Rendering
Tae-Yong Kim - Hair Dynamics

Jason Mitchell - Skin Rendering

Brett Bourbin - Real-time Mesh Morphing
Brett Bourbin - Mp3 of Talk

Tom Forsyth - RAD Game Tools - How To Walk

David Wu - Character Physics and Animation in Full Auto
David Wu - Mp3 of Talk

Michael Gleicher - Human Motion Synthesis by Example
Link to the FootskateSolver
Michael Gleicher - Mp3 of Talk

Lucas Kovar - University of Wisconsin, Madison
Motion Graphs
Registration Curves
Parameterized Motion

Torsten Reil - Natural Motion
Torsten Reil - Mp3 of Talk

December 2 – 3

Chris Butcher - Halo 2 Powerpoint
Chris Butcher - Halo 2 Doc
Chris Butcher - Halo 2 Mp3 of Talk

Jay Stelly - Half-Life 2 Powerpoint
Jay Stelly - Half-Life 2 Mp3 of Talk

Charles Bloom - Stranger Powerpoint
Charles Bloom - Mp3 of Talk

Andrew Willmott - Sims 2
Andrew Willmott - Mp3 of Talk

Casey Muratori - Designing Reusable Code Mp3

Ken Demerest - Patching Consoles
Ken Demerest - Mp3 of Talk

Brian Sharp - Using a Physics Engine
Brian Sharp - Mp3 of Talk

Jonathan Lindo - Building A Reusable Replay System

Sponsored Talks

Sony's Collada
Sony - Mp3 of Talk

ATI Data Amplification
ATI - Mp3 of Talk





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